A Food Lovers Paradise

Any visitor to Greece confronts a barrage of cultural delights. Whether pondering the works of some of the world’s greatest philosophers or delighting in Corinthian architecture, Greece never fails to inspire. With the magnificence of all this culture it is easy to overlook Greece’s formidable cuisine. Although less well-known than its Italian neighbour, Greek food is a treasure trove of delights with a variety of regional delicacies. Below I recommend some of the varieties you simply must try on your holiday in Greece.

The olive oil produced in this region is world famous and multi-award winning. Forget the light yellowy liquid you find stacked in your local supermarket; this oil is a delicious dark green. To make the most of this liquid gold, it is best matched with the local sausages of the region which are specially seasoned with a hint of orange.

If a more vegetarian diet is what you are after, then make sure to check out the wonderful artichokes grown in the region. These are best tasted on a refreshing salad at the end of a hot day. The local from Leonidion take their love for vegetables to the maximum with an entire festival dedicated to the aubergine every summer. Aubergine lovers: the Peloponnese is your spiritual home!


The perfect weather in Macedonia is not only ideal for sunning yourself on the terrace. Over thousands of years it has also helped cultivate an amazing array of ingredients which play a central role in the region’s cuisine. The fields are covered in orchards of apples, Edessa cherries, peaches and apricots. Pulses and beans are the staple of any dish and will be hard to miss on the menu in any local taverna.


This beautiful island is awash with vibrant foods. From dakos (barley smothered with olive oil, cheese and tomato) to ofto (roasted baby goat), the dishes in this region are as rich as the history of which they are a part. In the summer months a fresh local salad is an absolute must.

The Ionian Islands

These islands are the jewels of the Ionian Sea; their close proximity to Italy has fostered a shared history of great cuisine. To add a spark to your holiday in Greece, check out the luscious wines of the region made locally from cliff top vineyards. If this isn’t strong enough, make a special toast with friends with some local kumquat liqueur as you watch the sunset on the beach.

Any holiday in Greece would be incomplete without making the effort to try some of the regional delicacies that are on offer. I can promise that you won’t be disappointed and will be reminding your friends – “don’t forget about the food!” – when discussing the wonders of this ancient country.

Author Plate John Dixon is an experienced world traveller and the Managing Director of Prestige Holidays. Whether you’re interested in a holiday in Greece, Bermuda or Croatia, John and his team have the knowledge and the expertise to find the perfect accommodation to suit your holiday style. John tries to visit each of the destinations regularly in order to ensure the quality of his properties, and stay up-to-date about the latest local news and events.

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Healthy Eating & Nutritional Tips

Healthy Eating proper life style is the right way to remain free from diseases. Our eating habits play important role in our attempt for a fitter and healthier body. It is strongly suggested to take variety of foods and grain as well as leafy vegetables so that we will get the proper amount of nutrients and energy, less the much calories that are not needed by our body.
Home is the main center where we can gain sufficient amount of nutrients. It is also necessary to encourage your partner and kids to make healthier food choices. There are few tips that can help you and your family to remain fit as well as healthy. These are as follows:

1. Avoid spicy foods as spicy foods produce constipation & several other types of stomach related diseases. Spicy foods may be unhealthier for children & old aged people as old aged people & children do not have capacity to digest spicy food material.

2. Instead of spicy food materials, you can use green & leafy vegetables. Green & leafy vegetables are the best source of minerals & nutrients. These are also useful to for growth of your toddler. Light foods are healthy for old aged people.

3. Try to avoid excess amount of fat & oily materials. More oil intake may produce different types of diseases and excess fat accumulation in body. Excess fat is the cause of different types of diseases in human body.

4. You should take plenty of water. A human body needs 5-6 liter of water in a day. Try to drink a large glass of water 10-15 minutes before a meal, and another large glass of water during the meal. You will find the portion size you used to eat will drop dramatically all due to the fact that you’re drinking healthy glasses of water. Intake of proper amount of water eliminates impurities from human body.

5. Avoid large amount of sugar in daily life since sugar is also the cause of different types of diseases.

6. Take healthy snacks like sprouts. Sprout is the major source of minerals & vitamins.

7. Walking should be included in daily life style.

These are some useful healthy tips that can help you to remain healthy.

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Food delivery Toronto – For those who want to eat healthy always

The vast majority of us can’t bear to have chefs who are hired to plan and prepare our meals. More often than not, we need to consider meals notwithstanding the different things we need to do every day. Furthermore, in the event that you are a mother, you most likely need to take all that apart from all the household chores.
Don’t do it alone

Sometimes it can be enticing to simply call the closest pizza center and request in for a pizza. While this is useful for a movie night once per month, it is unhealthy to give this a chance to end up a propensity. On the off chance that you are a working mother, transform meal arranging into something intelligent and fun. Along these lines, you are really hitting two feathered creatures with one stone. You get help with the menu and you get rid of the disappointment of scrunched up faces when you serve something your family will love with the help of professional food delivery Toronto service.

Set a day of the week for meal planning for the entire week and placing order for food if you don’t have the time to cook it by yourself. Younger children would most likely find being permitted to state what they need to eat on certain days as a treat. Preparing won’t just enable you to spare by purchasing just what you require, it will likewise enable you to sort out your meal planning and will leave you time for to catch on other household chores that you have been meaning to do.

Plan the meals carefully

Getting things done ahead will spare you a ton of time. Check your work routine and recognize which days you have all the more available time. Utilize those days to plan and order for the meals. All things considered, you can utilize this opportunity to do all the work you require to do for the week. Do you require your family to eat healthy every meal, but don’t have the time to plan and call the service every day, then you can plan and order for an entire week in advance too. In the event that you take this course, ensure you have plastic holders in an assortment of sizes close by to use for putting away your food to store it fresh and eat it likewise. Conclusion

On days when you just don’t have sufficient energy or the vitality to complete everything, ensure your kitchen hardware to work for you. Your most logical option is have a professional service handy for regular as well as workout meals Toronto. At the point when utilized effectively, a the delivery service can be a safe and helpful approach to prepare healthy, healthy, home-cooked meals that will remain warm and be prepared for you and your family when the time has come to eat. The professional food delivery organization that serves their customers with healthy cooked meals are a blessing for such working parents, single parents, sick or the elderly people. It is also a handy option for any type of private party you are having at home.

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Toronto food delivery – The convenience of getting cooked meals

When you order food, you need it to be conveyed in the best condition, just as you like it. What numerous individuals don’t understand is that there are numerous things they themselves can do to guarantee that their order will arrive rapidly. Discover a few hints about how to get cooked food delivery. One thing you can do is ensure that you are ordering from a website that is reputable and delivers in your area. Why this is imperative?
On the off chance that you are close, the delivery person from the professional Toronto food delivery service will frequently drop your order off on their way to other locations of delivery. This additionally improves the probability that the driver will know precisely where your address is found and along these lines get to you all the more rapidly.

Likewise, be to the point and clear on the telephone when ordering. You won’t understand this, but rather numerous delivery services have their drivers pick up the telephone when they are in between deliveries. In the event that you are pleasant on the telephone, they will need to get your order out rapidly. In the event that you are clear, they will probably comprehend you better, which likewise accelerate the procedure.

What you must ensure?

To ensure that the driver can rapidly discover your area, there are a couple of things you can do. Purchase substantial house numbers that are easy to read, and place them in a spot where they are effectively visible. On the off chance that your home numbers are hard to read, at that point the driver may drive forward and backward on your road endeavoring to search you. Likewise, in the night times turn on your outside light to help make your home numbers more readable.

Something else to dependably do is tip well. On the off chance that you order from a same place frequently, the delivery professionals will get comfortable with you. When they see your order come up, on the off chance that you are a decent tipper, at that point each worker there will want to take that order. On the off chance that you get a decent notoriety with the workers, your orders will turn into a need with them right away and they will deliver your food as soon as possible.

In the event that the drivers know about you, at that point they will know right where to go when you order. This implies your food will get to you rapidly every time in light of the fact that there will be no delay about taking the order, and the delivery professional won’t be slowed down by looking for your home. Conclusion

When you truly need your food quick, you can simply order it at the best professional meal prep Toronto service. Complete orders are normally prepared considerably quicker by these delivery services on the grounds that they are not at the impulse of things like a deficiency of drivers or a bustling service hour. This is in fact the best bet for you to get completely cooked meals at your doorstep.

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Be the Own Body Healthy From Obtaining Moringa

Are you searching for healthier food items? Can you On the lookout for the best vegetable nutritional supplement? In case certainly! Subsequently attempt Moringa Leaf Powder. It’s but one of many optimal/optimally foliage that provide several health and fitness rewards. This foliage contains vitamin do afterward a apples. Additionally, it comprises 400 percent more beta-carotene subsequently whites. This foliage additionally includes got the potentiality 300 percent greater than simply spinach. Additionally, it has calcium and calcium fiber and potassium. This foliage can be helpful for that feeble figure. In the event that you each day swallow that leafs as an alternative veggies, then you’ll receive exactly same vitamin.
Exactly why Pick the moringa?

Currently, There Are Numerous E-commerce Websites offered who market various varieties of Moringa Powder on distinct brand names. You may pick any new according to your condition and also your funding. You simply have to seek out the web and select the item. Each and every manufacturer provides complete particulars regarding the item, such as item functions, its own properties, and also other fundamental info. You may select anybody in accordance with your condition and also your funding. It’s employed because the bronchial occasions which foliage feature more than 90 nutrition readily. Additionally, it comprised 49 anti inflammatory oxidants.

Pick out The optimal/optimally powder to you personally

This Medicinal plant packaged with all the flavonoids and phyto nutrients. Opt for the optimal/optimally Moringa and utilize it. It preserves our own body command and Provide boundless wellbeing positive aspects. It’s excellent for that epidermis. In the Event You buy Powder throughout the internet you need to put it to use using juice readily. Earlier Purchase, choose their schooling and abide by it correctly. Or you Can Get in Touch with Together with the health or nourishment specialist so that in accordance with their schooling, you Should choose it. It Is Suggested to Get Help from the wellness Physical Fitness pro Then acquire. Should you day-to-day carry this, then It Is Going to create your wellbeing easier and Healthy too. Thus, acquire this all-natural product today!

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4 Prominent Benefits of Hiring a Tree Removal Service

In summer, people get out to enjoy the beautiful warm weather while having a great time at their desired destinations. Some people complete their yardwork projects to turn their dream into reality. For instance, they can remove the dead tress from their backyard. Although trees look great, many of them can create problems. If you can’t remove a tree yourself, you can hire a professional tree removal service. Given below are some benefits of these services.

1. Saves tons of Time and Money

The biggest benefit of these services is that they can help you save tons of time and money. Although these services are paid, you can still save money as you won’t need to invest in the required tools and equipment. Additionally, if you do the job yourself, you may end up damaging something valuable in your house.

On the other hand, hiring a professional ensures the job is done properly and there are no chances of damage to anything. Plus, you can have the job done in a timely fashion.

2. No Safety Concerns

If you think that the roots of the trees may be damaging the foundations of your house, it’s better that you hire the services of a removal service for a long-term for regular trimming and pruning. This will ensure your property will be protected against possible damage down the road.

On the other hand, if you trim or prune your trees on your own, you may end up injuring yourself or other people around you. The thing is that professionals use the right tools and follow the right steps in order to get rid of unwanted dead trees. Therefore, the surroundings of your house will not be touched. In other words, there will be no safety concerns if you have an expert do the job for you.

3. They have the required equipment

Another prominent advantage of a professional service is that their employees are well equipped, which means they can use the right tools and other equipment for each job. Aside from this, they have years of experience using the equipment in order to perform the job and save you from injury. On the other hand, you may not have the required tools and equipment to carry out this type of dangerous jobs.

4. Neat and Clean Landscape

Although DIY projects are interesting, you may run into problems, especially if you have no idea how to go about bringing a tree down. Besides, even if you can cut a tree down, you may find it a pretty time consuming task to clean all the mess. On the other hand, professional services are ideal if you want to get the project done in a way that it keeps your backyard just like before, neat and clean.

Long story short, if you want to improve your property by getting rid of fallen or dead trees, we suggest that you check out the services of an experienced provider. Doing the job yourself can save you money, but may cost you more down the road or may cost you if the job is not done properly.

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Relationships: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Keep People At A Distance?

Although someone may want to form deeper connections with others and to even have an intimate relationship, this might not have been possible. When it comes to the former, they may have only been able to get so close to people, and, when it comes to the latter, it might not be any better.

If they were to think about what is going on, they could end up feeling helpless and hopeless. What is taking place can then be seen as something that is totally out of their control, which can mean that they will end up feeling down and even depressed.

The Right Things

This is not to say that, up until this point, they will have simply sat around and hoped that their life would change, though. For a number of years, they may have put in a lot of effort to change this area of their life.

However, while they will have done a lot, they won’t have been able to get very far. In fact, what they may see is that all this effort has just caused them to feel even more frustrated and angry.

Another Scenario

Conversely, one may have found that they have been able to get close to others but, when this happens, they don’t feel comfortable. Instead of feeling happy about being closer to another, they feel the need to back away.

This could be something that baffles them and will have most likely prevented them from being able to move forward in this area of their life. They could believe that there is no reason why they should feel this way around others.

The Same Position

If someone is trying to get close to others and they haven’t had the aforementioned experience, it might only be a matter of time until they do. It could just be that they haven’t got to this point yet.

Before long, then, they could find that they also feel uncomfortable experiencing the very thing that they desire. Therefore, as opposed to saying that these are two experiences, it might be more accurate to say that they are simply two different stages that one will go through.

A Cold Existence

When someone doesn’t feel comfortable getting close to others, they are likely to spend a fair amount of time feeling lonely. This can be a time when they will feel disconnected from everyone and everything.

If they don’t feel this way, it could show that they have simply disconnected from their feelings/body. They can feel numb during this time but, before long, they could consume something, for instance, artificially changing their mood and temporarily bringing themselves to life in the process.

Something Isn’t Right

Now, as they are an interdependent human being and need others, it could be said that it is strange that they have the need to keep people at a distance. What should feel comfortable if being close to the right people – people who they feel safe with, have similar values and value, for example.

As a result of this, one could believe that there must be something inherently wrong with them or they wouldn’t have this problem. What could come to mind at this point is that they have a ‘fear of intimacy’ and even a fear of people

Diving Down

If they do come to this conclusion, their conditioned mind could believe that both of these fears are irrational and that they just need to push themselves. These labels may fit but, at the end of the day, they are simply labels – labels that can be a starting point to looking deeper and gaining more self-knowledge or something that can prevent this from taking place.

What needs to be looked into is why one wouldn’t feel comfortable with being close to others; something that is a vital part of their ability to survive and thrive. There is a strong chance that something happened to them at the beginning of their life and their conscious mind has forgotten all about this.

Way Back

During their formative years, they may have been abused and/or neglected on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Said another way, this would have a period of their life when they were routinely violated.

As they were boundary-less and unable to defend themselves, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything about what was going on. The only thing that they could do was to disconnect from themselves and, thereby, to no longer be aware of what was taking place.

The Foundations Were Laid

In addition to this, their mind would have formed a number of associations to keep them alive. One can be that other people are a threat to their survival and another can be that they need to keep them at a distance to survive.

The years would have passed but their whole being will be loaded up with trauma and it won’t want them to get close to anyone. It won’t matter that this stage of their life is over or that not everyone is the same as a big part of them will be stuck in the past and, consequently, will perceive life in the same way.


If one can relate to this, and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or healer.

Author, transformational writer, teacher and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over two thousand, six hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice.

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Cities Of The Plain by Marcel Proust

Times change. Of that there is no doubt. Platitudes, however, remain platitudes whenever they are, like a dose of vaccine, rolled out. Their use, perhaps just once, but certainly on the second occasion, ought to inoculate and protect their user from ever again suffering their nauseating mundanity. But such immunity is rarely achieved, especially amongst those who find simple instructions, such as “stay at home” or “avoid clichés, at all costs” quite impossible to interpret or indeed remember.

I recall the time, not so long distanced, when even the mention of certain sexual habits might only be referred to in passing, accompanied by the bat of an eye, the nervous clearing of the throat or the deliberate and calculated inclusion of classical allusion, lest the speaker appear himself to be tainted by such professedly immoral practices. The inclusion of gender was important, here, for these unspoken, unnamed behaviours, alluded to habits the remained illegal and indictable amongst men, while the female equivalent bore a different name, lusciously classical, and, whilst not officially tolerated, it generally remained beyond the interest of the law.

But it was not only the classical, but also the biblical world that provided the means of referring to these despicable, but apparently common practices. The Cities of the Plain, Sodom and Gomorrah, suffered divine retribution – at least the experience is recorded as divine – because of the prevalence of these crimes against nature within their walls. In more modern times, we have passed beyond the age when the natural can be criminal, and also beyond the clichés of vilifying and ridiculing via censorious judgment or humour. For all its use of the theme, the filmed series never did include the title Carry on Sodomy, despite the near-repeated scripts’ regular use of both censure and ridicule to raise laughs from audiences who elsewhere might judge and scorn.

And so we arrive at Sodom and Gomorrah, volume four of A La Recherche De Temps Perdu, A Remembrance Of Things Past, or words to that effect. At its time of writing, an observation that significant numbers of French high society might just be able to trace their descent to these cities of the plain would have shocked. Eyebrows would have been raised, throats cleared, and private laughs would have hidden behind social condemnation, as gentlemen conversed on the way to the brothel, where the workers to be encountered did not really count, because it was clearly poverty that required them to behave thus. But times do change. Now it is not this discussion of homosexuality that might shock, but the destination of the conversants.

So now when we read of homosexual men and women, gays and lesbians, queers and dykes, we cannot suffer either the shock or the surprise of exposure to ideas we now ignore politely in public or condemn only in private. Neither can we, almost certainly, associate with the kind of society in which the revelations were being made. The lives, and more exactly the attitudes, of these people are now utterly foreign to our experience, though they may well still exist. The realization reminds us that we regularly admire images in the form of galleried art, which bear as little relation to our own lives as do the characters Marcel Proust creates, but because paintings have nothing audible to say in their own words, we fail to recognize the cultural gulf of our distance from what they depict.

Times may change, but our propensity to apply false logic persists. Marcel Proust’s observation of doctors is almost contemporary. They err habitually on the side of optimism as to treatment, of pessimism as to outcome. “Wine in moderation, it can do no harm, it is always a tonic… Sexual enjoyment? After all it is a natural function. I allow you to use, but not to abuse it, you understand. Excess in anything is wrong.” At once, what a temptation to the patient, to renounce those two life givers, water and chastity. He also recognized that by a certain age, human beings cease to be individuals and become research projects. He had arrived at that stage of exhaustion in which a sick man’s body became a retort in which we study chemical reactions. In our own time, we codify this as aging.

But then we may, like the English public schoolboy, develop personal and internal resistance to propensities that could previously prosecute via physical activity. Various English Prime Ministers have thus profited from the Eton Wall Game in public whilst in private they probably remained on the other side of the wall. “Suppose we took a turn in the garden, Sir,” I said to Swann, while Comte Arnulphe, in a lisping voice which seem to indicate that mentally at least, his development was incomplete, replied to M. de Charlus with an artlessly obliging precision: “I, oh, golf chiefly, tennis, football, running, polo I’m really keen on.” So Minerva, being subdivided, ceased in certain deities to be goddess of wisdom, and incarnated part of herself in a purely sporting, horse loving deity, Athene Hippia. Thus we may find the limitations we impose on ourselves limiting.

At least the Old Etonian Prime Ministers would have coped admirably with the classical allusion, and probably still would. Times may change, but we only understand how they have changed when we trouble ourselves to experience remembrance of times past and engage with its characters, both larger and ultimately smaller than life.

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The CLEAR Approach To Selling A House!

Since, for most people, the asset value, of their homes, represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, wouldn’t it make sense, to use the best approach, when they, decide, it’s time, to sell their house? Since, there is no such thing, as, one – size – fits – all, when it comes to real estate transactions, the smartest approach, usually, is, taking advantage of the combination of time – tested strategies, as well as customizing the specific approach, to the circumstances, and actual, property/ house! With, that, in mind, most would benefit, when/ if, they took advantage of, using a CLEAR approach, strategy, and action plan! Therefore, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it matters.

1. Competition; clarity; create/ creative; condition; communication: The best results occur, when agent, and client, proceed, on the same – page, and, this comes, from enhanced, communication, from the onset! One must know and consider, the competition, so there is clarity, in terms of the reasoning, in terms of creating, the initial, listing price! Objectively, evaluate, and compare, the strengths, and weaknesses, in terms of the house, and property condition!

2. Listing Price; listening; location: It’s important for a homeowner to realize, listing (or, asking) price, and what it sells for, are, often, different. Agent/ client discussions, must center – around, effective listening, and empathy! In real estate, location, and its variables, are significant!

3. Emphasis; empathy; esthetics: Is there anything, about, the esthetics, and appearance, of a property, which might make this one, stronger, or weaker? It’s wise to place the marketing emphasis, about perceived strengths (accentuate the positive), and, always, remaining, empathetic!

4. Approach; area; assets; advantages: Knowing, and appreciating, both, the advantages, and disadvantages, is a great beginning, to the finest, possible, approach! What are the primary, assets, and what aspects, of the specific area, add, or distract, from the perceived value, and attractiveness of this house?

5. Region; reasons; rationale; realistic; rooms: Considerations, such as the particular region, the number, size, and attractiveness of the rooms, are major factors, in marketing a home! Quality real estate agents, articulate, clearly, their reasons, and rationale, to their clients!

When, the CLEAR approach, to selling houses, is understood, and followed, the results usually benefit, and the overall, transaction, is generally, less stressful! Will you follow these basic steps, to get the best results?

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Shri Ram Global School Listed in Top 5 Schools in Greater Noida

Shri Ram Global is one of the top schools in Greater Noida. It is one of the most established Co-Educational, CBSE Affiliated English Medium School in Greater Noida West. The Shri Ram Educational Trust manages the school. They have already supported and managed India’s finest educational and prestigious centers like Shri Ram College of Commerce and Lady Shri Ram College of Women.

About the School

The School stands amongst the top five schools in Noida, Noida Extension, and Greater Noida. The school offers modern infrastructure and amenities in the best possible way for the children’s overall development. It is globally renowned and claims to be the home of liberal education. Shri Ram Global School focuses on the physical, social, mental, and overall aspects of young minds stepping into the community.


The school is constructed over a vast patch of land and sprawling campus of about 4 acres, catering STEM Labs, Swimming Pools, various sports like Cricket, Tennis and Football playground; Studios for performing visual arts, Indoor Courts for Basketball, Badminton and Skating Activities, Junior Gym, Technology enabled Auditorium and Classrooms with WIFI and CCTV facilities.


Shri Ram Global School is one of the best schools in the Greater Noida and Noida, which thrives on providing excellent education and the holistic development of the child. The school emphasizes co-curricular activities to unlock the full potential of the children and encourages enhanced learning. Shri Ram Global School offers the joy of learning and pursuing activities and interests beyond syllabus and exam restrictions to better the children’s growth.

The curriculum goes beyond the classroom education system to shape young minds and creates opportunities for creativity, innovation, social and intellectual development. Teachers use technology Enabled sessions with audio-visual media to provide a practical and real time understanding of academic concepts and learning.

With the implementation of dedicated staff and a motivated workforce, the School’s mission is to deliver an excellent learning curriculum and outstanding quality of education to create a harmonious ambiance for students. With a small class size of 24 and a healthy teacher-student ratio, the school imparts knowledge through interactive learning sessions to create a solid foundation from pre-school to the secondary level. The diverse curriculum makes it one of the best schools in Noida and Greater Noida extension.

Quality of Teachers

The School provides experienced and learned staff to help every child become a skilled and effective learner. Teachers focus on a wide range of enrichment activities to widen experience, build self-confidence, and expand communication skills. Shri Ram Global is one of the best schools with organized ways of learning and supports children’s individual needs. Shri Ram Global School’s staff provides individual attention and support to the children, making it one of the leading schools in Noida and Greater Noida. With the exceptionally bright and learned teachers, the youngsters emerge as all-rounders and strong decision-makers.


The School is chaired by one of the leading social activists and an entrepreneur Ms. Jyoti Kapur. She believes in imparting an individual child centric atmosphere for a healthy physical and mental wellbeing of the child.

Following the tagline of “Learning to BE,” the school’s management is committed to creating an excellent learning environment for a child’s smooth transition from home to school and society.

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